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How To Clean Your Convertible S…

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Everyone loves a soft top car, especially during the Summer! However, it can be difficult to determine how to clean a convertible top when the hood begins to catch all the debris from the road.

Fortunately, there are several simple steps that will help you keep your convertible car soft top clean, whether it is vinyl or canvas.


How to clean a vinyl convertible car roof

  1. Begin by hoovering your soft top and use a brush to remove any loose debris.
  2. When this stage is complete, you should completely wet down the top of your convertible car roof
  3. Then apply the cleaner evenly on the top and let it sit for around 15 minutes.
  4. With a soft bristle brush, use circular movements to gently scrub the top of your convertible car roof, allowing the cleaner to get rid of stains, grime and dirt. Vinyl tops are notorious for cracking and scratching easily, so we would reiterate the importance of using a soft bristle brush to avoid any scratches or cracks.
  5. Thoroughly rinse off the cleaner with warm water until all the convertible top cleaner has disappeared.
  6. Dry the soft top by patting it with a soft cloth, until it’s completely dry.


How to clean a canvas convertible car roof

  1. Begin by wetting down the canvas soft top and apply the cleaner.
  2. Brush the top using a soft bristle brush, and then rinse off all the product using warm water
  3. Rinse off all the cleaning product from the convertible car soft top.
  4. Using a towel, apply a rubber lubricant to protect the top and keep it looking sparkling clean.
  5. Next, spray your convertible car roof with a plastic deep cleaner and leave for a few minutes, and then wipe off the cleaner with a soft cloth.
  6. Then apply a windscreen cleaner and wipe the back window to ensure it is clear.


We hope we have helped you determine how to clean a soft top. If you notice any scratches, scuffs or dents whilst cleaning your soft top car, then you can request your free quote with ChipsAway here.

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Supagard Saturday – BMW plus Supagard the Perfect Combination

Supagard Saturday, loving the finished effect from Supagard high gloss paint protection. Get yours done for the summer.

Protection against:
Acid Rain
Road Salt
UV Rays which cause fading
Interior protected against dirt and stains

Benefits include:
High Gloss Finish
No need to polish
Easier to clean saving you time
Better condition may enhance residual value

Drop us a message for more info and prices.

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